The project

The current refugees flows and the need for integration of large populations of people refugees and asylum seekers from conflict zones has posed several challenges at EU level, the most urgent being of humanitarian aid. Nevertheless, when the time comes for refugees to settle down and integrate European cities, the urgent need becomes to find employment. Migrants and refugees need the specialised support of career advisors and counsellors to validate their competences and obtain qualifications relevant for the labour market.

Guidance counsellors are in need of new methodologies and tools, in order to work with migrants and refugees. The project aims to build the capacity of guidance counsellors to work with migrants and refugees and equip them with tools and methods to better address the needs of migrants and refugees.

The specific objectives of the PERSPECTIVE project are:

To develop a method for assessment and validation of core competences, through the combined use of standardised testing and qualitative assessment methods – interviews.

To build the capacity of guidance counsellors on:

– how to assess core competences of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

– how to support migrants and refugees demonstrate their competences, using Europass tools (especially Europass CV and Language passport)

-how to use the tool Match2NQF for occupational guidance in specific sectors

-how to orient migrants and refugees to find employment locally and in different EU countries using EURES portal and Euroguidance network