KC mapper

The Perspective Project has built a multilingual online tool to help migrants and refugees asses their abilities in the Key Competencies defined by the EU. It is designed for use with an advisor or career counsellor, but may also be used alone. We suggest that the tool is most useful when an advisor can help the client or user to discuss their answers and decide how to interpret the results.

KCmapper” (available in English, French, German, Greek and Arabic) at http://www.kcmapper.eu/


The Key Competence mapper is based on EU Recommendation 2006/962 / EC and helps assess the following key competences for lifelong learning:

Communication in the mother tongue;

Communication in foreign languages;

Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology;

Digital competence;

Learning to learn;

Social and civic competences;

Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;

Cultural awareness and expression.

The “KCmapper” tool results can be printed and used in sessions with advisers or even as an accompanying document to the migrant’s CV.

However, in the interests of the maximum confidentiality and privacy of users, the tool does not ask for, store or keep any personal data. Nor are the results stored after the user has logged out. There is a facility to print the results before logout, and this should be used whenever a permanent local record is wanted.

The KCmapper” tool has been designed to be easy to use. The user starts by clicking on the “Start using the tool” button on the home page. Then a series of statements follow, each illustrating a basic example of one or more of the Key Competencies in use. The user responds to show they can or cannot do the example (such as ‘I can read a newspaper’) or can request another example. When the user has answered all the examples they will receive a report, which lists their chosen examples and answers in a format suitable for discussion with an advisor or personal review. The report can be downloaded and printed in any of the five available languages (English, French, German, Greek and Arabic).